Radio Broadcasting Radio Bradcasting

Zerhex technology tackles the most fundamental parts of audio broadcasting for radio stations. Built from the ground up, by engineers for engineers.

We deal with IN-STORE Background Music

Zerhex playback devices dominate the market for background music channels. Major caf├ęs, retail giants, and law offices trust our audio playback devices to bring live audio channels into their businesses.


Full remote and stable audio monitoring is easily accomplished with our devices. Major security firms trust Zerhex equipment since firewall configurations are not required to achieve fully remote access and set up the device. The cloud-based control panel can be accessed from any mobile device, from anywhere.

Read What We Do About Voice Stream Digital

All Zerhex equipment and branding are properties of Voice Stream Digital. Voice Stream Digital is a United States-based audio engineering company that specializes in developing and assembling of high-quality audio and video equipment.

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